If you own or manage a business, you should realize that maintaining a landscape for a commercial property is quite complicated as compared to maintaining a landscape for a residential area because the former needs more attention and care. When you are working on improving or creating a commercial landscape, you need to ensure that it is not only stunningly beautiful but very safe for the people visiting the commercial area, be it employees, clients, financers or the general public.

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The process of ensuring that a commercial landscape is beautiful, neat and safe can be very easy if you abide by a few simple rules, says Jason Waugh from West Auckland Landscaping. The first rule is to ensure that the landscape is always very well groomed so that it doesn’t get out of control gradually and become a hazard later on. You should know that if plants are unchecked, they can grow out of control and make it difficult for the users of the property to see or move around freely.  As shrubs grow larger or the tree branches grow out and down, they can block a line of sights for a parking area or driveway and encroach on walkways which can be fatally dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. It should also be noted that thin, worn or packed down areas can promote erosion and create unstable and uneven areas which can be hazardous.


Another golden rule that can help you to maintain a commercial landscape for neatness and safety is to consider the three things mentioned as follows:


  1. Timing

All the landscape care and maintenance tasks must be completed in the right timeframe to ensure maximum levels of efficiency and effectiveness. You should learn to schedule landscaping tasks in your calendar in order to make sure that time and resources are efficiently used because if the timing is wrong, the landscape care might not be very effective. Also read about how to rightly market your landscape and  make it popular among the public.


You should also remember that it’s vital to prune, water and mulch at the right time to take full advantage of the seasons, plant growth cycles, and environmental conditions. This not only makes sense from nature’s perspective, it also maximizes the effectiveness of your landscape maintenance and care activities which ultimately leads to saving of time, resources and most importantly money in the long run.


  1. Practices

You should also utilize the best methods and practices for commercial landscape maintenance and care. For that, you should make use of the right tools for practices like pruning. The tools should be sharp and clean so that the job is done right and without harming the plants or the person who is doing the pruning. You should never rely on dull blades as they can maim and shred the branches as well as plant shoots. You should trust sharp cutting blades that provide clean cutting, lead to minimal damage while promoting healing. Clean tools are also a must because they prevent spreading of plant diseases and maximum work efficiency.


  1. Edges

It is also vital to remember that edges are a crucial part of any landscaped space as they are most active and transitional areas in sun & shade, land & water, fields and woods. Humans also like to navigate by edges likes streets and sidewalks, greasy areas, plant beds or defined walkways. If the edges are well-maintained, they promote safety and reduce the chances of an injury. For instance, a pile of leaves by the curb can effectively hide the edge and lead to falling or tripping of people. Similarly, if the hardscape edges are not properly defined, they can cause vehicles to run off the roads, parking areas and driveways or hit trees or plants. So, sharp edges play a key role in promoting safety, ensuring neatness and making the landscape more attractive.


If you follow the rules and the three vital things mentioned above, you will be able to create a commercial landscape that attracts the eyes of every person, that is perfectly safe and that lure people to enter a commercial property. So, it can indirectly help you to lure in more clients who will play a key role in expanding your business & its revenues.