dog-playing-in-backyardSpending quality time with your family after a tiring day is a boon. It can be anything from taking a walk in your garden with your spouse or playing with your dog for a few minutes.

If you also appreciate these moments that help you enjoy life a bit more then you must focus on making your landscape dog-friendly.

You just don’t want it  to be pretty to attract the dog outside, but you would want it to be safe for the pet too. Here’s how you can achieve both these goals perfectly.



  1. Smooth Surfaces

Dogs and lawn grass do not gel together well. To ensure that your pet does not ruin the grass and plants with its paws, you need to provide him with a smooth surface to walk on. It can be anything from concrete to bricks and pebbles to smooth rocks.

These materials won’t be too hot during summertime. Another benefit is that they won’t cling to the fur of your dog or your feet.


  1. Be Ready

A vital tip to making your landscape protected from dog urine is to keep a garden hose handy. Whenever he urinates on grass, you need to turn on the garden hose so that it can flush away the harmful elements present in the urine that may ruin the grass.


  1. Sun Protection

If your dog doesn’t like going out during summer, a huge reason behind it could be that there is no shady spot for him in the garden. Dogs need protection from the sun too.

They can be a victim of sunburn and even heatstroke which can further lead to severe injury. You can avoid all that by creating a dog-friendly landscape that has a large tree to provide shade and sun protection.

If you don’t like the idea of a large tree, you can also opt for dense shrubbery to give your pet a respite from the sun.


  1. Opt for Better Turf Grass

It is a known fact that some grasses live up to the wear and tear caused by an active dog while others perish easily. So, you need to invest in a good quality grass that does not have empty patches if your pet becomes a little overenthusiastic and digs his paws in.

There are a lot of warm seasons and cold season grasses present out there so do your research before you opt for one.


  1. Stone Walkways

No, we are not telling you to add many special pathways for your pets everywhere in your landscape. We just want you to add stone walkways over the dog paths that are present in your landscape. Doing this will keep the beauty of your landscape intact and your pet would be able to spend a lot of time outdoors without ruining it much.

Here’s an add-on tip, make sure that you prune the plants near the dog pathways so that he doesn’t get injured by a stray branch and ruin the entire plant to have his revenge. It actually happens, pet owners will know!!