How to Rightly Market Your Landscape and Make it Popular Among the Public?

People usually wish to market their landscape so that the community members can recognize it and they get to can beat the competition. If you have also spent a considerable amount of time and money in creating a landscape that can be used by everyone and help you to build a name in the area then you must remember to market it right. How will people know that your landscape is the best in Sydney when you don’t tell them?


Gone are the days when people actually noticed things in the neighbourhood. Nowadays everyone is so busy in his or her life that he or she barely has the time to glance at a beautiful gem. So you need to stop being modest and let everyone know about it and how it benefits them. NBG Landscaping Services suggests these simple steps so that you can market yourself right.


Market the Overall Value

You can begin the process of making the landscape popular by calling up a meeting with all the vital members of the community and making them realize that the project is beneficial for the entire community.

You can let them see that it has the potential of catching the eyes of the tourists & the visitors and it can be used by one and all from the community free of charge. You can also let them realize that the landscape can also be a potential landmark for people looking for directions as no one can miss looking at it.



Use Some Visuals

You can also opt for showing the members some before and after photographs of the neighbourhood to help them realize that the landscape has added value to the community.

It would also be a good idea to show them the visuals of the key features like the walkways that can be used by everyone or the benches where people can have some restful time. The more people see it, the more likely they would crave to use it once.


Include Everyone

When you are demonstrating how the landscape you have created can be useful for everyone, be sure to point it out too.

You must remember to mention how children can enjoy over there and how disabled people can have some fun too. If you include every member of the community, they will feel more valued and they would be more willing to give it a shot.


Boast of the Environmental Advantages

If the area you have created supports the environment in any way then you need to highlight it. If it improves the quality of the air in the surroundings, mention it.

If it encourages plant diversity and sustainability, tell everyone about it and if it plays a key role in erosion and sediment control, specify how it does that. Community members are generally more inclined to the projects that have better environmental value.


Keep People Comfortable

Once you have marketed the area in the right manner, the next step is to ensure that the guests who are taking the time to visit your landscape in Sydney feel comfortable and safe there. You should ensure that every new person is greeted with a smile and helped for a first few times when he or she is exploring the area.

Make sure that the plants are pruned so that no one gets hurt accidentally by a stray branch. Also, ensure that there is plenty of light available so that people can spend quiet evenings or some part of their nights there.

When you are done with the marketing part and it has started bringing you results like your building is the most popular in the area or your business is mentioned ton every new person who comes around then you would be smart to market it on a regular basis.

Make sure that people in the community know how many new plants have you added recently or how you are creating a special walkway for the kids. Constant marketing would ensure that you keep getting the attention of everyone and stop people from getting bored of the garden area in Sydney that you have designed with so much effort.




5 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Landscape

dog-playing-in-backyardSpending quality time with your family after a tiring day is a boon. It can be anything from taking a walk in your garden with your spouse or playing with your dog for a few minutes.

If you also appreciate these moments that help you enjoy life a bit more then you must focus on making your landscape dog-friendly.

You just don’t want it  to be pretty to attract the dog outside, but you would want it to be safe for the pet too. Here’s how you can achieve both these goals perfectly.



  1. Smooth Surfaces

Dogs and lawn grass do not gel together well. To ensure that your pet does not ruin the grass and plants with its paws, you need to provide him with a smooth surface to walk on. It can be anything from concrete to bricks and pebbles to smooth rocks.

These materials won’t be too hot during summertime. Another benefit is that they won’t cling to the fur of your dog or your feet.


  1. Be Ready

A vital tip to making your landscape protected from dog urine is to keep a garden hose handy. Whenever he urinates on grass, you need to turn on the garden hose so that it can flush away the harmful elements present in the urine that may ruin the grass.


  1. Sun Protection

If your dog doesn’t like going out during summer, a huge reason behind it could be that there is no shady spot for him in the garden. Dogs need protection from the sun too.

They can be a victim of sunburn and even heatstroke which can further lead to severe injury. You can avoid all that by creating a dog-friendly landscape that has a large tree to provide shade and sun protection.

If you don’t like the idea of a large tree, you can also opt for dense shrubbery to give your pet a respite from the sun.


  1. Opt for Better Turf Grass

It is a known fact that some grasses live up to the wear and tear caused by an active dog while others perish easily. So, you need to invest in a good quality grass that does not have empty patches if your pet becomes a little overenthusiastic and digs his paws in.

There are a lot of warm seasons and cold season grasses present out there so do your research before you opt for one.


  1. Stone Walkways

No, we are not telling you to add many special pathways for your pets everywhere in your landscape. We just want you to add stone walkways over the dog paths that are present in your landscape. Doing this will keep the beauty of your landscape intact and your pet would be able to spend a lot of time outdoors without ruining it much.

Here’s an add-on tip, make sure that you prune the plants near the dog pathways so that he doesn’t get injured by a stray branch and ruin the entire plant to have his revenge. It actually happens, pet owners will know!!